Paperback Design of FIRST COMES LOVE

My publisher’s showed me the paperback art of First Comes Love yesterday. It’s PERFECT. It might be my favorite cover yet. I love the cactus, it definitely illustrates my story, and my characters (especially Gray). It won’t be available until spring, 2013, but I still wanted to share it. We went back and forth over the hardcover–I get that it’s steamy, and I can appreciate that, but I felt like it didn’t quite fit my story. So, I’m really excited for this design.


About katiekaz

I write young adult fiction. My debut novel was the dystopian science fiction novel, AWAKEN. My second novel is teen realistic fiction, titled FIRST COMES LOVE. The sequel to AWAKEN, MIDDLE GROUND, is coming out on Novmeber 20th, 2012. I also wrote a sequel to FIRST COMES LOVE, titled SECOND CHANCE. More news on the release date coming soon. Thanks for stopping by.
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3 Responses to Paperback Design of FIRST COMES LOVE

  1. I like it. It's definitely not like any cover I can think of and the colour will stand out on a bookshelf 🙂

  2. Escape2Books says:

    … I still like the hardcover too. 🙂

  3. I love it and yes, it is perfect for the story. I'll probably have to get the paperback now too.

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