One Hour, Three Writers

Two great bits of news:

1) The final draft of Awaken #3 is DONE! It’s still needs edits (good writing is rewriting and rewriting and more rewriting), but the story is there. It was so weird to type THE END on a manuscript. I’ve published four books and all of them have been continuations, so this is the first novel I actually had to end, which was a challenge. I can see why so many writers rush an ending, or seem to hurry it up (or don’t really end it at all which is infuriatingly annoying). Luckily my mind has been contemplating this book for about five years, so I had most of it ironed out before I even sat down to write.
Will I give you any hints about the last book in the trilogy? It’s fabulous, how’s that? I do promise to give you closure. I promise not to leave it open ended. I personally believe if you pull readers along and ask them to invest in a series, then you need to wrap things up and provide closure. So, I did fulfill that obligation to you, my lovely fans. I will give you one other hint. IT WILL NOT END THE WAY YOU’RE EXPECTING. Nope, sorry, all of your theories are wrong.

I don’t have a release date yet…it will probably be about one year from now, but I promise to reveal some fun things along the way, have some contests, all that good stuff.

Moving on…

2) Do you have plans tonight? Come and hang out with me and two other local YA authors for an hour discussion at the Corvallis Public Library. We will talk about writing, music, and all things awesome.



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I write young adult fiction. My debut novel was the dystopian science fiction novel, AWAKEN. My second novel is teen realistic fiction, titled FIRST COMES LOVE. The sequel to AWAKEN, MIDDLE GROUND, is coming out on Novmeber 20th, 2012. I also wrote a sequel to FIRST COMES LOVE, titled SECOND CHANCE. More news on the release date coming soon. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Claire says:

    I don’t think I can wait a year until the nest book!!!!!!

  2. Claire says:

    I meant **next**

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