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I’ve had many fans beg and plead me not to kill off Maddie or Justin in STILL POINT. I’ve noticed that ending a series in utter tragedy gets very mixed reviews. I have also noticed that leaving a series too open-ended is not a popular option either. It appears that everyone wants the Hollywood ending, even while reading dark, disturbing, violent, death-driven, dystopian fiction. But I see where you’re coming from. I’ll keep your concerns in mind. Pinkie swear.

I mentally wrote Still Point years ago–I had it all planned out neatly in my head, like my own little road map to follow. But my characters took me on a different journey. They always do, and that is my favorite part about writing–the unexpected turns, the detours and the surprising destinations. As writers, we will never make all of our readers happy. Man, I learned that fact quickly in this business. All we can do is stay true to our characters and the story. If we force a certain ending, we sell out. If we try too hard, our audience suspects it. I think authors feel a little more pressure when they end a trilogy versus a stand-alone. There is so much more invested. I wrote what I believe is the most fitting ending for this book, and if Maddie and Justin were interviewed, I think they would agree.

Other news: Two more sites are helping out to promote Awaken this month: A Life Bound By Books, AND RT Book Reviews. Hugely excited to add these sites to my roster of Team Awesome (featured below). Thanks so much for your support!

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