Music Monday

It’s Music Monday. We’ll see how long I keep this up, but for the next few months I would like to share some inspirational music for my Monday posts. I would also, always, love to hear song recommendations from you. Call me a music anthropologist, always on a dig to find some kind of amazing discovery.

Moving on…I’m a bit disappointed that Red Hot Chili Peppers only played for about two seconds last night during the Super Bowl half time show. I wore my Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt all day long in eager anticipation. I watched the clock wind down for the end of the first half, waiting to see my boys. I was on my feet, poised and ready to dance and all I got was a quick, beautiful glimpse of Anthony Kiedis in his super awesome leggings. But then he was gone, and instead, I had to listen to Bruno Mars sing about being “oooooh, amazing,” to a backdrop of glitter fireworks? Come on. Buzz kill. Don’t get me wrong, Bruno Mars is a dance machine but ANTHONY KIEDIS? That man is a LEGEND.

Moving on…for the next couple of weeks I will be sharing the playlist for Finally, Forever. I will reveal every song that helped inspire this book–except for the last song, because it’s a bit too suggestive of what the ending will be.

So, today I will share one song. It’s called Omaha, and it’s by Counting Crows. If you don’t own this song somewhere in your music library, you really need to download this entire album. Every song is a story.


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