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Over the weekend, I had the privilege of attending an author slam at Mystery to Me bookstore. The owner organized such a wonderful event. The line up was a fantastic mix of poetry, non-fiction, mystery, YA, and general fiction. I definitely want to read View From the Interior, by Chief of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Police, Susan Riseling. It discusses her experience policing the famous (peaceful) protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol in 2011, when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker dropped a bomb on the state (otherwise known as The Budget Repair Bill). Her talk was so honest and funny–she was a truly inspiring speaker and her book sounds like an incredible dedication to the meaning of democracy.

A local teacher shared her children’s book called One Room Schools. It’s a non-fiction book for kids (although adults can appreciate it too) that discusses what it was like to attend a school in one room, with one teacher and 8 grades. It’s great for a history class, or an English class. The author, Susan Apps-Bodilly, is a second grade teacher. She received a grant from the Wisconsin Historical Society to write the book and spent one of her free summers traveling around the state researching the history of one room schools and interviewing old students and retired teachers. These schools no longer exist in the state, but their history is fascinating and so drastically different from public schools today.

Finally, a HILARIOUS mystery author, Beth Amos, shared her popular mystery series, which have been compared with the style of Janet Evanovich. I can’t wait to begin her series! If she writes at all like she talks, her books will be smart, witty and hilarious. Check out her website to learn more.

Okay…on to news about Finally, Forever. The cover will be revealed on MARCH 1st! I can’t wait to show it off! Now, a new song from the playlist: Everlasting Arms, by Vampire Weekend. And P.S., this entire album is worth owning. Here’s the song:


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