One. More. Day.

The other night I had a nightmare (more like an anxiety dream). In my dream it was May 9th, the Finally, Forever release day. I went out to dinner with my family to celebrate. Just as the drinks and appetizers arrived (fried cheese curds, of course), I realized I had forgotten to physically release my book. I hadn’t submitted it anywhere. I jumped up in a panic and the rest of the dream was my chaotic attempt to get home so I could submit the manuscript. Every possible thing that could go wrong happened: we lost our car keys, then we lost our car, then we lost one of our kids. My fans and friends were emailing and messaging me with betrayed fury. I woke up panting.

To avoid the chance of my really sucky nightmare coming true, I’ve already downloaded the book in several distributional sites. Some sellers can take a few days for the book to show up (unfortunately, I can’t control exactly when the book becomes available). Amazon has a ludicrously fast turnaround time, so I PROMISE it will be available in some way/shape/form by tonight. 🙂

I would just like to say thank you to all of the people who have emailed me, tweeted (twittered?) to me, called me, messaged me, shouted out to me in public, their encouragement and support for this series. This has been a ROUGH couple of months. My best friend and part soul mate passed away (my dog, Graham), my husband is unemployed, my kids and I have been trading and sharing every cold virus in existence–it has just been an emotional ride. The greatest distraction has been publishing this book and the excitement from my fans. So, thank you. You have helped me cope, and also encouraged me to finish the story of Gray and Dylan.

Thanks to my family for all of their support. Thanks to my kids for all of their love. And I will never, ever forget you, Graham. Image




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I write young adult fiction. My debut novel was the dystopian science fiction novel, AWAKEN. My second novel is teen realistic fiction, titled FIRST COMES LOVE. The sequel to AWAKEN, MIDDLE GROUND, is coming out on Novmeber 20th, 2012. I also wrote a sequel to FIRST COMES LOVE, titled SECOND CHANCE. More news on the release date coming soon. Thanks for stopping by.
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2 Responses to One. More. Day.

  1. Erin says:

    Good luck with your book! So glad your nightmare didn’t come true–I’m looking forward to reading Finally, Forever.

  2. 1402paulina says:

    I waited so long for this book and now it’s finally there!!
    Your stories really inspire me, especially the Dylan-Grey-Saga. Whenever I have a bad time I take the book and read a Dylan-part and it just makes me happy and optimistic again!
    So thank you and all the best for the future!!

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