Infinite JETS!

Good News: Any electronic glitches with the STILL POINT ebook has been fixed. The book should be live and available on your world wide web, (sadly, however, not in print). You can read it, NOW! Thank you to that man or woman probably wearing those thick-rimmed glasses, most likely sitting in a dark lower level of a building streaming Pandora who emailed that other guy or lady probably wearing glasses, drinking their third cup of coffee or maybe a Diet Coke, in that other lower level building who clicked that button and fixed that html code and made this book POSSIBLE (online only, sorry)!

So… I just started reading Infinite Jest and I’m only on page thirty and I’m exhausted, stuffed, a little dizzy, but I know I don’t want this book to end. Since I only read children’s books these days, (no offense Mo Willems, love Gerald and Piggie) I’m feeling sluggish in the brain cell department. Mentally emaciated would be another way to describe it. I decided to pick up something challenging and the lure of 200 pages of footnotes sold me.

I’m just glad I started out reading David Foster Wallace with his much, much smaller book, This is Water, a commencement speech he wrote in 2005. I feel like I got a watered down version of his brain before I plunged into the MIND GRINADE that is Infinite Jest.

I only read one review before I bought Infinite Jest. It was on Amazon, and the review was from a disappointed fan who shout-wrote “There are no jets in this book! Not one single mention of a jet! Who puts the word JET in a title and doesn’t even write about any aeronautical machines??” This review summed up why I avoid reading reviews in general from anonymous sources: Misunderstood, subjective, strangely inaccurate rants that make me question and feel embarrassed for the reviewer much more than the work being reviewed. Anyway, after reading that review and feeling robbed of my time, I drove downtown to my local bookstore to physically see this book. It weighs about as much as a newborn child. In a way, that’s how a see it. This complete entity. This being. In other words, yes, I’m loving this book.



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