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Book news: We are arriving closer to a new title for this next book. I REALLY, REALLY hope to reveal it soon. (As in, a week or two). Hang in there!

New Year’s Goals: Talk less, listen more, be in the moment, carry my cell phone less and my camera more, and, always EXPLORE.

Favorite quote I have heard lately: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I love that. So true if you think about it. Thanks for sharing, Emily.

Favorite music: Anything by Vance Joy. Seriously. Anything. That man makes me want to jump out of my chair (which is usually in a coffee shop) and run down the street screaming, “YES! SOMEONE GETS IT! SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS!!”

Favorite read: Just read THE STAR IS ALSO A SUN. Phenomenal. The love story takes a backseat to all of the history and culture that the author digs into.

Random thought: I’ve been thinking about how easily we throw around the term “growing up.” It implies that the older we get, the better we become. But, is it possible, at times, we have moments of growing down? Moments of receding, moments we become smaller? It makes me consider some of my own feelings and relationships. It reminds me to check in with myself once in a while and assess some of my goals and decisions. ‘Growing Up,’ might be harder than I realized.

Random Observation: Have you noticed that things are only going completely right in our lives about 5% of the time? The rest of the time, things get out of control and our perfect plans are snarled and unraveled. And so much of the time we are scrambling, trying to get that photo-perfect moment back.  Here’s what I’m learning:  you can spend 95% of your time fighting for the perfect moment, or you can just ride it all out, every hurdle, every unexpected turn. You can plan less and experience more. Give people a break. Give yourself a break. Live moment to moment, one breath at a time, one word. One thought. Phew. Okay. That might have been the holiday crazies talking, but I want to stop focusing so much on trying to control life and opt for finding more beauty in the chaos.

Favorite inspirational outlet: Lately, I love visiting Alexis Mixter’s photography posts on Instagram. It refreshes my mood. Her photos tell stories (they also remind me of the kinds of pictures Dylan would take—a lot of landscape shots from hiking and traveling). I also love these photos because they’re not self-fulfilling, and they’re not bragging. They capture emotions more than anything. They portray moods and feelings. They remind me to live in the moment, and that nature has so many lessons to tell us if our eyes and ears are open.


About katiekaz

I write young adult fiction. My debut novel was the dystopian science fiction novel, AWAKEN. My second novel is teen realistic fiction, titled FIRST COMES LOVE. The sequel to AWAKEN, MIDDLE GROUND, is coming out on Novmeber 20th, 2012. I also wrote a sequel to FIRST COMES LOVE, titled SECOND CHANCE. More news on the release date coming soon. Thanks for stopping by.
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