Would you like me to come and speak at your school, library or conference? Well…I would LOVE it. I used to teach high school English, and I love working with writers of all ages. I am comfortable speaking at your event, or leading a writing workshop. My school visits are flexible depending on what teachers/librarians are interested in doing. I’ve led classroom workshops for as little as seven or eight students, or spoken in auditorium settings.

My workshops generally focus around music, since music is my writing muse and something everyone can relate to. I’ve had a lot of success connecting to students and adult writers with my workshops.

I do charge an honorarium + any traveling expenses. Please email me if you are interested: katiekacvinsky(at)uwalumni(dot)com

Here are some testimonials from my visits:

“We have been privileged to have Katie Kacvinsky visit our school twice. I cannot even begin to tell you the affect she has on students. Katie’s energy and love of writing is infectious. My students talked about her for days after her visit, and several students even came from the high school to listen to her speak again. Katie’s down to earth attitude about life, music, and writing enables her to connect with young adults like no author I have ever seen. If you ever have the opportunity to have her speak at your school, I would highly recommend it!”

~Lisa Spires, 7th & 8th Grade Language Arts, North Albany Middle School

“Katie Kacvinsky is a warm and inspiring speaker. She has a straight-forward approach that demystifies the writing process for her audiences, and she is knowledgeable and approachable about her subject!”
~Susan Denning, Director of Programs and Events for Oregon Literary Arts


3 Responses to Appearances

  1. First: sorry for the baddest english ever. I’m a german fangirl. 😀
    Uhm, i don’t really know how i can contakt you, so i try it with a comment (i don’t even know to what i wrote a comment. Uhm. Sorry)
    You are the women who wrote the story from maddie freeman, aren’t you?
    I still wait for the last part of the trilogy. It’s my favorite trilogy and if you ever want to write the last book than hurry up, please. (My englisch teacher always said that i can’t wrote in a polity way. So, if this isn’t polite excuse me. :/ but at the other hand – i’m a teenager, im 15 years old and i have the license to have a bad way of speaking. )
    When will you write the next part of the trilogy? could you answer me, please? It would be great – one of my favorite authors answer me.

    • Marilena says:

      Hello Evelyn

      At first: I realy think like you! I’m also from Germany and I’ve got the same question. So my question to you: have you got an answer because the last book?

      Auf Deutsch nochmal 😉

      Wollte dich fragen ob du schon eine Antwort von ihr bekommen hast? Würde mich echt freuen wenn der dritte Teil bald käme

      So please answer me the question: is there already a

      Best wishes

  2. KatieOwens says:

    Hi-lo, My names Katie too, And I’m pretty sure I’m you in another life or something, because seriously, I love cheese and Mrs. Pac-man and cheese more, I’m in love with music and nature, and computers baffle me…Just thought I’d do something random and crazy,and get my courage up to say hi. And thank you for writing the voices in your head down for us to enjoy.

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